‘Doctors punched, nurses attacked‘ at White Cross medical clinic in West Auckland

Posted On:   02 December 2019

Auckland, New Zealand – 2nd December, 2019: A “brutal attack” in which a doctor was allegedly punched in the face and nurses were shoved to the ground had a mother and her sick son fearing for their lives.

The mum, who did not want to be named, told the Herald about the terrifying incident at the White Cross medical clinic in West Auckland early today.

Police confirmed they were called to an incident on Lincoln Rd in West Auckland about 3.40am.

The witness, her voice still shaking, said a group of gang members burst through the doors of the clinic and started attacking staff and intimating patients.

She said her son was sick and she‘d been waiting patiently with him for nearly two hours when the group turned up.

“A doctor was assaulted, he was punched in the face, nurses were pushed to the ground, even the security guard was attacked.

“They came out of nowhere, started yelling and saying their friend had been assaulted and bowled their way straight down to the department rooms.”

The mum said there were kids crying and the clinic was forced to close after the incident as staff had been hurt and were in shock.

Source: https://dailystockdish.com/doctors-punched-nurses-attacked-at-white-cross-medical-clinic-in-west-auckland/