Netcare suspends two senior doctors for malpractice and negligence

Posted On:   18 October 2019

Cape Town, South Africa – 18th October, 2019: Netcare has moved swiftly to suspend two senior doctors accused of malpractice and negligence at its Park Lane Clinic and all its Netcare facilities.

The hospital general manager, Dr Lebo Masunyane, said one doctor, practising as a paediatric surgeon, had been suspended with immediate effect on Thursday.

“Please be advised the Netcare clinical practice has taken a decision to suspend admitting privileges of the paediatric surgeon from all its facilities.

“You are advised to seek alternative resources should you require a paediatrician surgery referral,” said Masunyane.

He said he was in the process of procuring the services of a paediatrician surgeon for the Park Lane Clinic and would advise in due course.

EFF leader Julius Malema tweeted that there was another doctor practising as an anaesthetist who was also suspended. Malema claimed that the two doctors “were responsible for the death of innocent children”.

Some took to Twitter to share their experiences with the two doctors, claiming they had killed their children.

@TeamBoske replied to Malema’s tweet saying: “In November one of the doctors operated on my child who is deceased now. This tweet is making me think, but perhaps I’m reading too much into it.”
Another Twitter user said the same doctor operated on her daughter in 2013 and she didn't survive.

@Thami_Tulo, whose child was also treated by the same doctor wrote: The professor did a liver biopsy on my daughter even though I felt it wasn't necessary. I just went ahead with it cause better safe than sorry. Results proved it was pointless."