Medical negligence: 36-year-old out of danger

Source: , Posted On:   23 June 2022


The Press Spokesman of the Police, Christos Andreou, spoke on the Front Page about the complaint for medical negligence in a private clinic in Limassol.

A 36-year-old Greek Cypriot underwent surgery at a private clinic in Limassol to remove cysts, however, she later presented with severe pain. The 36-year-old was transported to the Limassol General Hospital where doctors found that her vital organs were in an advanced stage of sepsis.

Mr. Andreou stated that the complaint was made by the 36-year-old mother. According to the complaint, the 36-year-old had undergone surgery resulting in sepsis. "On 13/6, he underwent hasty surgery at the Limassol General Hospital, where he is being treated."

Mr. Andreou clarified that the 36-year-old was intubated, while now she is out of danger. "We are investigating and testimonies have been taken."

He noted that the Police have in their hands the medical file of the 36-year-old. "Assistance is expected from the Ministry of Health, so that a medical officer can be appointed."