Planned Parenthood Clinic Injured Three Women in Botched Abortions, Had No Doctor on Site

Source: , Posted On:   16 May 2022


The Fifth Street Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Reno, Nevada, placed three 911 calls for patients suffering serious abortion emergencies between May and October 2021.  This is significant because the Reno Planned Parenthood dispenses abortion pills but does not do surgical abortions.

Operation Rescue has obtained audio recordings and Computer Aided Dispatch printouts related to each medical emergency, which show serious abortion complications – one of which shows symptoms of a botched surgical abortion.

The records also indicate that Planned Parenthood had no licensed physician on site during the abortion-related emergencies even though only licensed physicians may conduct abortions in Nevada, according to state law. [NRS 442.250(1)a]  The law does not differentiate between surgical and chemical abortions.