Family denounces that singer Memín the Successor died of medical malpractice

Source: , Posted On:   20 June 2022

Joel Belliard, the artist’s son, explained that his father had to undergo surgery hernia twice for alleged negligence.

“He had another operation because the first one didn’t go well,” the young man said on behalf of the family.

He said that the preliminary report from the Corominas Clinic, where they performed the procedure, notes that his father died from a battery whose condition does not indicate how it was acquired by Yovanny Martín Belliard.

He announced that the case was within the power of his attorneys to take legal action against those responsible for the surgical procedure.

Joel Belliard spoke to journalists at the Savica Funeral Home, where the remains of “The Successor,” as the artist was also known, are on display.

the corpse of memin He will be buried this Tuesday afternoon after an artistic tribute. The farewell event is scheduled to begin in the morning at the El Samán entertainment center southwest of Santiago.