Cuban denounces the death of her grandmother due to medical negligence in Las Tunas

Source: , Posted On:   15 May 2022

A Cuban resident in Las Tunas reported that her grandmother died of medical negligence at the Guillermo Tejas polyclinic in that city.

Roxana Díaz Cruz reported on her Facebook wall that her grandmother died on Tuesday, May 10, and that they did not do the tests she needed due to lack of equipment at the health center.

“How is it possible that in the polyclinic the equipment for making electros does not work? How is it possible that there is only one ambulance in Las Tunas? How is it possible that they let a person die and cannot send the ambulance until they have a diagnosis when do the electro, when it doesn’t work,” he questioned.

The young woman described the health care situation in Cuba as disrespectful.