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Commission asks pvt hosp to provide Rs 60K compensation to patient

Source: , Posted On:   11 December 2020

Kolkata: The West Bengal Clinical Establishment Regulatory Commission (WBCERC) has directed the All Asia Medical Institute in Gariahat to provide Rs 60,000 as compensation to the family members of one Krishna Sengupta (68) after some medical negligence was found on the part of the hospital. The family members alleged that the patient developed bedsores while she was under the treatment at the hospital but it was neither noticed nor mentioned by the hospital. The patient's daughter Mousumi Sengupta registered a complaint with the Commission in this regard. The patient was admitted to the Sanjeevani Hospital at Bagbazar initially with kidney related ailments. The family members later shifted the patient to All Asia Medical Institute for better treatment.

When the patient was released after 10 days, it was found that the patient developed bedsores. When the matter was raised with the hospital, they claimed that the patient was taken to the hospital with grade I bedsores. The hospital's claim was not found convincing by the Commission during the hearing. The Commission asked the hospital as to why the previous hospital did not mention anything about the bedsores on the discharge certificate and why the All Asia Medical Institute did not take a note of it during admission. They did not even mention that during the discharge. The hospital had prepared a bill of Rs 4 lakh. The Commission also said the hospital did not mention anything about the bedsores on the nursing register. The WBCERC has therefore instructed the hospital to refund Rs 60,000 to the family.

WBCERC asked R Fleming Hospital to provide a discount of Rs 3 lakh to Sanyasi Charan Das, a resident of Midnapore who was charged Rs 5.4 lakh for 11 days of treatment. The patient was admitted to the hospital with Covid. He told the Commission that his health condition improved within 2 to 3 days but he was unnecessarily kept at the hospital for too long. The WBCERC also instructed Desun Hospital to compensate patient Rupa Majumdar (68), a resident of Jharkhand, with Rs 27,940 as the Commission found that she was excessively charged. Pathological charges were high, the Commission observed. The same hospital was asked to refund Rs 52,000 in connection with a separate case. Horizon Life Line was directed to provide a discount of Rs 2 lakh to one Sukharanjan Chowdhury. He was a Covid patient. He was charged Rs 5.5 lakh for 13 days treatment.