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Rajasthan: 9 infants died at Kota's JK Lon Hospital in 24 hours

Source: , Posted On:   10 December 2020

Rajasthan: 9 infants died at Kota's JK Lon Hospital in 24 hours

Nine infants have died in the past 24 hours at the JK Lone Hospital in Kota, Rajasthan. Out of the nine infants, five died on Wednesday night.

Family members of the victims have accused the hospital staff of medical negligence. Relatives of two infants sat on a dharma inside the hospital premises on Thursday.

Family members of the infants have alleged that no hospital staff attended their kids when they brought them to the hospital.

They have alleged that the staff refused to attend them saying doctors will attend them in the morning.

Reacting to the incident, Rajasthan Health Minister Raghu Sharma has sought a report from the hospital on the infants' deaths.

"When I heard of the infants' deaths in Kota, I immediately sought a report from the medical college's principal and the superintendent. I have issued direction that no child should die due to doctors' negligence," the minister said.

He added that as per the report that he has received, three of the nine infants were "brought dead" to the hospital.
"Three others had problems since birth and the remaining three infants developed problem due to COT. The Chief Minister is also serious about the issue and the government will try to ensure all efforts are made to save all lives," Sharma said.

This is however not the first time that Kota's JK Lone Hospital is in the news for allegations of medical negligence and deaths of infants at the hospital premises.

Last year, hundreds of newborns died at this hospital allegedly due to negligence on part of the hospital authorities.

A committee formed by the Rajasthan government to probe the lacunae in the hospital resulting in the deaths of kids confirmed in its report that the infants died due to hypothermia, a medical emergency that occurs when the body temperature falls below 95 F (35 C). The normal body temperature is 98.6 F (37 C).

Even as the kids in the hospital continued to die in the biting winter cold, the hospital did not have enough stocks of lifesaving equipment, said the report.

The newborns should have body temperature of 36.5 degree Celcius; therefore they were kept on warmers where their temperature stays normal. However, as the hospital lacked functional warmers, their body temperature continued to plummet.

What made the matters worse was the absence of oxygen pipeline in the hospital due to which oxygen was supplied to kids with the help of cylinders.

Surprisingly, the ICU was not fumigated for months, the report said.