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Inmate's Mother Claims Medical Negligence At Oklahoma County Detention Center

Source: , Posted On:   03 April 2021

Inmate’s Mother Claims Medical Negligence At Oklahoma County Detention Center

After a deadly hostage situation and a scathing health report, the Oklahoma County Detention Center is facing a new controversy.

“As a mother it makes me very angry. As a nurse, it frustrates me and makes me even more angry,” said Jeanette Wilson, the inmate’s mom.

She claims the jail is not giving inmates proper medical care or nourishment. Wilson said her son got a cyst requiring outpatient care and the jail never met that need.

“The cyst ruptured, will it come back? I don’t know,” she said.

Wilson said after several emails the jail took her son to the medical floor for medicine.

“He is supposed to be on antibiotics, after the situation on Saturday he never got two doses of the antibiotics.”  

Now she is wondering if he will ever get those doses.

“They serve them breakfast at noon, I asked him, I said, ‘What did you get’ and he said, ‘Cold oatmeal and a cold sausage,’ why are we serving cold food?” Wilson said.

She said she understands if you get in trouble you must pay the consequences but insists the jail should still treat inmates with some dignity.

“I couldn’t even tell my son to clean the wound himself because I don’t know what kind of water is in there and I’m not going to have him clean his own wounds,” she said.

News 9 took these concerns to the spokesperson for the jail trust, they did not want to make any statement on cameras.