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Man fined for alleging medical negligence

Source: , Posted On:   25 February 2021

Man fined for alleging medical negligence | Ahmedabad News - Times of India

Ahmedabad: A consumer court in Gandhinagar has imposed a cost of Rs 2,000 on a litigant from Udaipur for accusing doctors of medical negligence after his father passed away two days after a surgery on him. It observed that it has become a routine practice that kin of patients drag doctors into a legal battle to extort money.
The case involved 83-year-old physician Dr Narendra Singh from Udaipur, who was sick and was operated upon at Apollo Hospital in Gandhinagar in 2006. Two days after his surgery, he passed away in the hospital. His son, Lokendra Singh, sued gastroenterologist Dr Rupesh Mehta, who performed the surgery, the hospital and two other doctors, Dr Jay Kothari and Dr Sunil Chugh from Udaipur, who had referred the patient to doctors in Gujarat for surgery.
The complainant alleged that two hours after the surgery, his father was tied to the bed in the ICU and had very low blood pressure. A day later, the patient was put on ventilator and survived for one more day. He alleged medical negligence and demanded Rs 19 lakh as compensation from the hospital and doctors.
After hearing the case, the consumer court said that there was no evidence of medical negligence. Accusing doctors of medical negligence has become a common practice for relatives of patients before or after operations.