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The boy died in an eye hospital in Hyderabad

Source: , Posted On:   27 January 2021

Hyderabad: Medical negligence has removed the 'pupil' born to the couple. The narcotics took the child to permanent sleep, who wanted to see the colorful world, correcting the vision. A boy died before eye surgery due to overdose of anaesthesia in Hyderabad. Panipuri merchant Ganapati Reddy, a panipuri merchant from Shamshaguda near Alwin Colony, was born after twelve years of marriage to son Prashant (12). But since childhood, he was not well-sighted. Parents felt that their son should be treated.

On 20th of this month, Agarwal was admitted to the Eye Hospital in Punjab. Doctors who examined the boy suggested that both the eyes had layers and both should be surgery at the same time to remove them. Doctors were ready for surgery on 21st of this month after parents agreed. Anesthesiologist gave anesthesia to avoid pain during treatment. However, the boy was unconscious before the treatment of the drug

The boy lying unconscious on the Operation Theater table was rushed to the nearest hospital by doctors of Agarwal Eye Hospital. But he was already advised to take him to another hospital, not because of his health. The same hospital was moved to a corporate hospital in Banjara.

Anyway, parents begged the hospital doctors to save their child and they were admitted to the hospital and tried to save the boy. But the result was no result. The parents collapsed on Monday night when doctors informed family members that the boy had died. The parents complained to the Panjagutta police that their child had died because of the wrong injection by the hospital doctors. Two months ago, the panjagutta PS has already been registered in connection with the incident of the treatment in the Panjagutta Agarwal Eye Hospital.

Kin reached the hospital and stopped the doctors when they heard of the boy's death. Doctors who informed the police. Later, relatives alleged that the hospital was locked and killed. The boy's body was taken to the Osmania Government Hospital for postmortem.

'Some children don't get sedated. One of the lakhs of people will see such reactions. We tried hard to save the boy who had been arrested before the surgery. There is no doctor's fault in the treatment. We gave an adequate amount of sedative sedative synthesis considering the age, weight and health condition. There is no reality in the allegations of high dose," Agarwal's eye hospital said.