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No. of beds in casualty ward to go up

Source: , Posted On:   03 February 2021

No. of beds in casualty ward to go up | Nashik News - Times of India

Nashik: The bed-capacity in the casualty ward of Nashik civil hospital is also set to increase as medical officers are planning to add more beds in the adjoining building of the hospital.
Civil surgeon Ratna Raokhande said, “We are seriously contemplating to add more beds for the casualty ward. There are 20 beds approved for the casualty ward for the civil hospital, but given the constant flow of patients in this ward, we struggle to accommodate new patients.”
She added, “Since we cannot refuse admission to anyone because of shortage of beds, 10 beds have already been adjusted in the ward in the past but they too fall short at times.”
Cases of accidents, poisoning, snake bites, among other medico legal cases like someone getting badly hurt in violent incidents are continuous at the civil hospital.
The Nashik civil hospital is a 540-bed hospital and a large number of patients from across the district prefer coming here given the availability of number of specialty treatments.