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Now, dental consultation through telemedicine

Source: , Posted On:   22 April 2020

Now, dental consultation through telemedicine Content extracted from, dental consultation through telemedicine


The is an initiative by the Dental Surgeons Association of India along with the Anti-Corona Task Force and the consultation will be through CallDoc App


The Dental Surgeons Association of India (DSAI), along with the Anti — Corona Task Force, has joined the 24x7 telemedicine consultation platform CallDoc App in order to provide consultation to the people on various concerns.

Addressing the concern of reaching out to the people in this unprecedented time, DSAI and Anti—Corona Task Force partnered with Oncall Medicare Pvt. Ltd. to provide 24x7 online access to volunteering doctors through the app.

Robin Malik, Secretary General of the DSAI, and Krishan Kumar Jha and Jitendra Chaudhary, who are monitoring the Anti—Corona Task Force along with the senior medical and health care advisory team of doctors, have been personally monitoring the situation at this time of calamity.

The team of the doctors is led by Siddharth Gupta and Sharad Lakhotia of, Shailendra Pratap Singh Tomar, Neha Gaur and Manu Gautam (United Resident Doctors Association, India), Akhilesh Tripathi and Anand (Chief Medical Officer, Ministry of Ayush). The announcement of the collaboration was made on April 17.

This service helps to maintain that the public do not rush unnecessarily to a clinic or a hospital and therefore come in contact with other patients. CallDoc is a Cloud—based platform to help users obtain better and faster healthcare at any time and place of their convenience.


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