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Lady dies after childbirth at GMC Baramulla; probe ordered

Source: , Posted On:   28 November 2023

A lady died today due to alleged medical negligence at the Association Hospital Government Medical College (GMC), Baramulla, after delivering a baby through Lower Segment Caesarean Section (LSCS).
Dilshada, 34, the wife of Bilal Ahmad Lone and a resident of the Khadinyar area of Baramulla, was admitted to the hospital on Monday and underwent an LSCS to deliver the baby on the same day.
“While she was doing well throughout the day, around 1:30 am today, she was found gasping for breath, leading to her condition deteriorating and ultimately resulting in her death,” officials said.
When the patient’s condition deteriorated, officials mentioned that the team of doctors attended to the patient and did everything to resuscitate her, “but those efforts did not yield any result, and the patient was lost.”
However, the family of the deceased alleged that their patient was not attended promptly, leading to her death.

“She was not attended when we tried to call them (doctors); they are responsible people and should have ensured that the patient is attended to on time; it is nothing short of negligence. She was sweating, and by the time they came, she was almost dead,” one of the family members of the deceased lady said.
Officials privy to the developments told Excelsior that the preliminary cause of death seems to be cardio-pulmonary arrest, noting that the incident report has been sought from the concerned department, which has already submitted the same to the Principal, GMC Baramulla.
The hospital authorities said that upon receiving news of the unfortunate demise, the Principal of GMC Baramulla, Dr. Ruby Reshi, took immediate action to ensure a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the patient’s death.
“A committee of seasoned professionals is being constituted to examine the case in detail, and their findings will be made public as soon as the investigation is concluded,” Medical Superintendent of the hospital, Dr. Parvaiz Masoodi said.
In order to ensure transparency and accountability, the hospital said that the Head of the Department of Gynaecology at GMC Baramulla has been directed to furnish a comprehensive incident report within one day.