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Covid-19: Bhopal ready for pre & post-vaccination

Source: , Posted On:   15 January 2021

BHOPAL: The vaccine is here. And so is apprehension in certain quarters on whether to take it or not. Expert advice is, take the shot. The benefits outweigh any concerns, they say.

With mass vaccination the only way to return to the ‘old normal’, health experts are pointing to a comprehensive factsheet that comes along with Covishield manufactured by Serum Institute of India.
The vaccine comes with two sets of factsheets — one for the vaccine recipient and one for use only by a registered medical practitioner, a hospital or a laboratory.
Covishield vaccine has been approved for restricted use in emergency situation in individuals aged 18 years or older. The vaccine has become a first choice for many states including Madhya Pradesh.
“Strictly speaking, in medico legal terms, consent is not required while administering a vaccine. That said, it is understood that when someone comes to a vaccination centre, it is it to get the vaccine. In case of Covid-19 vaccination, the factsheet has been widely circulated on social networking sites and is also available on the private company’s website,” said Gandhi Medical College (GMC) chest and respiratory medicine professor, Dr Nishant Shrivastava. Covid-19 vaccination is voluntary, according to a government statement.
“I am aware of the vaccine factsheet and associated risks. My colleagues, who are health workers in the UK and USA, have undergone Covid vaccination. Virtually most had some of the flu-like symptoms as described in the vaccine factsheet. It is not uncommon and should not deter people from getting the vaccine shot,” said RKDF associate professor and Indian Medical Association, MP, Greater Bhopal, secretary, Dr Sudeep Pathak.
Chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan assured citizens that the vaccine is safe, and urged everyone to make the mass vaccination drive a success. Additional chief secretary (health) Mohammad Suleman said at a review meeting on Thursday that the indigenous vaccines have been “approved by the best scientific institutions of India and abroad after thorough testing and analysis”.