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Miracle or Negligence? Man Declared Brain Dead After Accident Gets Goosebumps Just Before ...

Source: , Posted On:   03 March 2021

Miracle or Negligence? Man Declared Brain Dead After Accident Gets Goosebumps Just Before his Post-mortem

Bengaluru: In a shocking incident, a 27-year-old man who was declared brain dead after an accident got goosebumps and also moved his hands just when a doctor was about to start his post-mortem and touched him. The man, Shankar Gombi from Karnataka was declared dead by a private hospital in Belagavi after keeping him under two-day observation. The hospital administration also asked his family to take his body for his last rites. Also Read - Meet Anastasia Pokreshchuk, the Model Who Claims to Have 'World's Biggest Cheeks' and Wants to Make them Even Bigger

Gombi reportedly met with an accident in Mahalingapur on February 27 and his body was sent to the Mahalingapur government hospital in Bagalkote on Monday (March 1) for post-mortem while his family prepared for Gombi’s funeral. Also Read - Architect Designs Jet-shaped Vehicle that Runs at 20km/h Speed, Names it 'Punjab Rafale'

As per a Hindustan Times report, the doctor assigned to perform the post-mortem, said as he was driving towards the hospital, there were cut-outs and banners across the town announcing Gombi’s death. The doctor SS Galgali said, “I knew the face on my surgery table, but I did not expect he would be alive.” Also Read - Good News! 13 Transgenders Get Recruited as Constables in Chhattisgarh Police Department

The doctor said on reaching the hospital he found Gombi was still on a ventilator and Gombi’s family told that the doctors at the private hospital told them he will stop breathing once the ventilator support was removed.

“The family had been told that once the ventilator is removed, he will be officially dead. So, they had started preparing for the funeral also. His friends had posted the news of the death on social media and as I reached the hospital, at least 1,000 people had gathered there,” said Galgali as per the HT report.

Galgali further said that when he started the autopsy, he saw goosebumps on Gombi’s body when he touched it. “…[It] meant there were sensations in the body. I checked with a pulse oximeter and I checked his heartbeat. There was a pulse. Then I removed him from the ventilator and waited for a bit. To my surprise, he moved his hands. I immediately called the family and shifted him to another private hospital, ” he added.

Earlier on Tuesday, Gombi has shown some improvement and his vitals are normal. “I am told there is a chance of his survival and he responding to treatment. I have done more than 400 post-mortems in my 18-year-old career but never seen a case like that,” said the doctor.

No case has been registered in the matter so far as the police are yet to receive a complaint. “For the case of medical negligence, the district health department will have to take a call,” said a police official.