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Medical Negligence in India Archives - DSK

Source: , Posted On:   10 October 2021

two different hospitals in udaipur and beawar (ajmer) and their doctors have been fined rs 43.01 lakh. the rajasthan consumer commission has imposed the fine for negligence in treatment. he has ordered recovery of about 25 lakh 67 thousand rupees from shri hospital at beawar in ajmer and dr anita sharma posted there. similarly, a fine of about 17 lakh 34 thousand rupees will be levied from gitanjali medical college in udaipur and ent specialist dr ak gupta posted here. the verdict was pronounced by the commission's judicial member sk jain and member ramphul gurjar after hearing both the cases.

patients won't be able to live a normal life

kothari, who volunteered to the commission, applied that he underwent an operation at gitanjali hospital in udaipur in april 2008 after he complained of nozzle polyp. the patient suffered brain haemorrhage during the operation without getting a city scan done and negligent. the family then took the patient to ahmedabad where he underwent brain surgery. the patient's life was saved, but doctors said she would no longer be able to live a normal life.

the doctor said that in future she will not be able to drive or go near fire and water. moreover, they will not be able to climb even higher altitudes. the family members of the patient filed an application against dr ak gupta and gitanjali hospital in the state consumer commission. the commission imposed a fine on the doctor and the hospital. 1 lakh 84 thousand 284 rupees for treatment expenses, 12 lakh for physical compensation, 3 lakh for future treatment and 50,000 rupees for libel expenses.

after the operation,
geeta sindhi, a woman patient at sri hospital in beawar, who had forgotten her stomach after the operation, made a caesarean delivery saying that she had a normal delivery. during the operation, dr. anita sharma was negligent and cut into the uterus. there was a lot of bleeding. seeing this, the doctor pulled out the baby and forgot a small cloth plate in the stomach when he had stitches during the operation. this caused an infection in the patient's stomach. from here the patient was taken to ajmer. even here, there could not be treatment. he was referred to jaipur. when shown and examined at a private hospital in jaipur, it was found that there was a cotton or cloth plate in the stomach. the patient was operated on again and the septum was removed from the stomach. the patient then moved the commission against the negligence. the commission ordered rs 15.42 lakh treatment expenses on hospital and dr anita sharma, rs 10 lakh for mental and physical pain and rs 25,000 for case expenses.