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Uttar Pradesh: Dr Kafeel Khan named as one of top 10 history sheeters in Gorakhpur, to remain on ...

Source: , Posted On:   31 January 2021

Uttar Pradesh Police has opened a history-sheet of 81 people in Gorakhpur district. Dr. Kafeel Khan, who was named as main accused of involvement in the deaths of several children in BRD Medical College in 2017, is amongst the top ten on the list of history-sheeters. After becoming a history-sheeter, Khan will remain on Police’s radar.

History-sheeters are those people who have a criminal record.

Senior Superintendent of Police Jogendra Kumar gave the instructions to open history sheets against 81 people. As of now, there are 1,543 history-sheeters in Gorakhpur.

Kafeel Khan accused in Gorakhpur BRD Medical collage case

Adeel Khan, brother of Kafeel Khan, claimed that the history-sheet against controversial Dr Kafeel Khan was opened in June 2020, but the media came to know about it on Friday. He has since moved to Rajasthan after Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi assured him of ‘safe stay‘ in the Congress-ruled state.

Dr Khan was suspended after allegations of medical negligence was levelled against him in 2017 after 72 infants had died in BRD medical college in Gorakhpur due to lack of oxygen supply, and was arrested on that charge. Two years later, after a probe by UP police, the charges of negligence and corruption were dropped, but he was still charged with running a private practice and two other accusations. He was released in 2018 after spending 9 months in jail, and he still continues to be suspended from his job.

In January 2020, he was arrested for his speech at Aligarh Muslim University on December 10, 2019, during anti-CAA protests.

Khan had made some inflammatory remarks in his speech delivered during the anti-CAA protests in Aligarh Muslim University. He had allegedly remarked against Home Minister Amit Shah that he was a murderer whose clothes are foul with blood. He had also said that the CAA made Muslims second class citizens. He alleged that the students in the RSS run schools are taught that people with beard are terrorists and that with the CAA the government has told us that India was not our country. Khan had urged people to fight for their existence.

He was later booked under National Security Act. In September 2020, Allahabad High Court quashed his detention and ordered immediate release.